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Grant Program

Meadow Lark Studios | Piano & Voice Lessons with Kyndra Soto | 970-539-1343

Meadow Lark Studios is proud to provide digital pianos to outstanding piano students who wish to further their piano studies and are unable to acquire an instrument on their own.


This program exists because we believe, whole-heartedly, in the benefits of music education.  A quality instrument is essential for piano students to excel in their studies.  Thousands of scientific and academic studies have shown that music education improves academic achievement, builds communication skills, fosters creativity, develops teamwork, and increases engagement in school.



To qualify for a Meadow Lark Piano Grant the student must:

  • Have consistent attendance in piano lessons for a minimum of 6 months

  • Show dedication and growth in piano studies during their tenure as a piano student

  • Have a qualifying instrument


Steps to apply:

  1.  Fill out an application

  2. Submit the application to Meadow Lark Studios

  3. The Meadow Lark Studios director will review the application and approve or deny the request.

  4. When an application is approved, an order will be placed for a digital piano.

  5.  Free will donations are accepted at any time in any amount to provide digital pianos to qualifying students.          


Why a digital piano?

Nothing compares to a good acoustic piano. Digital pianos, however, are a practical option for the following reasons:

-They are much lighter in than acoustic pianos and can be moved easily.

-They require less space in the home than an acoustic piano.

-They are less expensive to own because they do not need regular maintenance and repairs like an acoustic piano.

-Today’s digital pianos are specifically designed to mimic the sound, feel, and response of an acoustic piano and work well for beginning to intermediate level piano students.  (Students who progress beyond the intermediate level should upgrade to an acoustic piano.)

If you would like to make a financial donation Meadow Lark Studios welcomes donations of any amount towards our grant  program. 

If you have a digital piano that is in good working condition, we will consider your donation.


We appreciate your support!

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