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Voice Lessons

Meadow Lark Studios | Piano Lessos with Kyndra Soto | 970-539-1343

Do you love to sing? Improve your range, breath control, tone, flexibility, diction, and overall stage readiness with voice lessons. Have fun while singing music in a variety of different styles!  I teach classical technique with an emphasis on vocal health that can be translated to any other musical style.

Individual Lessons

   30 minutes:  $100 per month 

   45 minutes:  $150 per month

   60 minutes:  $200 per month


Group Lessons

2 Students:

30 minutes: $75 per student, per month

3 or more students:

30 minutes: $60 per student, per month

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Cost - Voice
Meadow Lark Studios | Voice Lessons with Kyndra Soto | 970-539-1343

Practice and Participation

30-60 minutes a week of instruction/coaching with instructor


15-40 minutes 4 or more days a week of independent practice


Participation in performances through-out the year is strongly encouraged and involves about 1-2 hours on a weekend.


Recital and workshop dates are determined approximately 2 months in advance.

Materials - Voice


Materials for voice students include:

  • A blank notebook for writing down lesson assignments and warm-ups.

  • A traditional/classical collection of songs.

  • A popular collection of songs.

  • A sight singing practice book.

  • A practice CD (A blank "recordable" music CD will be needed so the instructor can record warm-ups and some song accompaniments.)

  • Additional materials can be added at any time for Holidays or to suit the interests of the student.

  • The type and level of song books will depend on the student's age or grade level and his or her previous experience.

  • The instructor will recommend 2-5 different choices and the student can select books that fit their individual interests and musical goals.  

  • The student is responsible for purchase of the required materials at a local music store or through a teacher recommended online source.

  • Total cost for materials ranges from $40-65 and will serve as lesson material for 1-3 years.

Meadow Lark Studios | Voice Lessons with Kyndra Soto | 970-539-1343

Policy and Payment

  • Lesson fees are to be paid by the month and are due on the first lesson of the month regardless of attendance.

  • Fees may be paid by check, cash, or via PayPal. 

  • There is one make-up lesson offered per month for missed lessons.

  • 24 hours advance notice is expected for missed lessons.

  • All materials and books are to be purchased by the student from a local music store or online.  See instructor for details

  • Lesson fees are payable by cash, check, or via PayPal. (Some group lesson options are not available via PayPal. See instructor for details.).

Policy - voice


Sharing our music with an audience is a very important part of music study and cannot be duplicated in any other setting. With that in mind, students are strongly encouraged to participate in one or more of the performance opportunities provided through out the year.

Performanc - Voice


There are two formal recitals per year: Christmas and Spring.  Participation in formal recitals is strongly recommended because it provides students with valuable opportunities to share what they have learned with a substantial audience.

Student Workshops

Student workshops are a stepping stone to formal recitals.  A workshop is made up of a 1 hour rehearsal and clinic facilitated by the instructor, followed by a 30 minute informal time of sharing.  Some workshops are for students only. At times, parents and family members are invited into the audience at the conclusion of the class.  The type of workshop will depend on the needs of the students participating and will be communicated to parents and students well in advance.  Workshops are highly recommended for students who are new to performing, or working through performance anxiety. Workshops provide students with performance skills in a safe, supportive environment and help students build.confidence.

Recording Sessions

Students are offered an opportunity to do a recording session of their favorite songs at least once a year.  This is done during lesson time for no additional charge.  Recording sessions are a great way to measure student progress and provide incentive to polish repertoire to performance quality.  At the end of the session, students will take home a high quality audio CD to copy and share with family and friends. 

Informal Opportunities

Students are always encouraged to find other informal settings where they can share their talents with an audience.  Church, school, and local community venues are good examples.  See your instructor for more information.

Meadow Lark Studios | Voice Lessons with Kyndra Soto | 970-539-1343
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